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Fair Manpower Practices
With the majority of our members representing foreign-owned companies or including a portion of foreign talent within their workforce, it is important to understand the requirements and culture behind the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) and other elements of non-discriminatory policies and practices. 
We encourage you to use the resources and tools provided on this Information Hub to manage your workforce requirements.
In this video from 2020, finalists in our Employer of the Year category at the 21st Annual Business Awards explain how they go about maintaining fair manpower practices in their own organisations. 
The British Chamber is a proud supporter of the Tripartite Standards
Adopting the Tripartite Standards is part of our commitment towards building a better workplace, continuing to treat employees fairly and with respect, and doing our best to support them to achieve their full potential. BritCham has committed to the following standards for our employees:
Find out more and adopt the Tripartite Standards at tafep.sg.
Finding Talent
Finding the right employees for your business needs is critical. Singapore's Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) emphasizes the need for all organisations, including those foreign-owned, to prioritise the employment and skills development of the local population. This is achieved through a balance of employment passes, quotas, recruitment and development programmes and continued monitoring.
The British Chamber of Commerce Singapore works closely with colleagues at the Ministry of Manpower and other agencies to maintain two-way dialogues between our business community and Government stakeholders at multiple levels of seniority. The following resources direct users to sources of talent recruitment in Singapore plus additional programmes for your consideration, where eligible. 
MyCareersFuture is a portal that aims to provide Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents with a free job search service that matches them to relevant jobs based on skills. Listing positions on this portal is a prerequisite prior to most work pass applications.
Free listing for members via login, simply submit directly to the website. Jobs appear for one month and will be publicised in our weekly eNewsletter.
Types, eligibility & application processes for employing foreign talent in Singapore.
Providing you with suitable jobseekers for your hiring needs, as well as programmes and funding schemes to recruit, retrain and retain employees.
A programme that offers suitable job opportunities to mature-age Singaporean PMETs.
A structured on-the-job-training programme, during which employers can assess a job seeker’s job fit and offer employment to suitable candidates upon completion.
Click through to our Road to Net Zero Information Hub for targeted resources in Singapore and the region for promoting sustainability-related roles.
Organisations can take on mid-career individuals on attachments to support their business needs and tap on government funding.
Companies can take on trainees to support their business needs and tap on government funding.
Building Skills for the Jobs of the Future and Transferring Skills to the Local Workforce
Workforce Transformation & Technological Developments
Julia Ng Lee Hoon, Group Director, Enterprise Development Group at WSG shares how they are committed to helping companies in Singapore transform jobs and future-proof their workforce.
SGUnited Jobs & Skills Package
Watch a webinar catch-up from Nov 2020 led by WSG. Includes how to participate in Virtual Career Fairs, how to tap on the assistance of TACs to facilitate and expedite job matching and hiring PMETs under the Professional Conversion Programmes (PCPs).
Click through to our Education & Learning Hub for information on the expertise and training of British Professional Bodies.
Click through to our Education & Learning Hub for information on member training and development professionals. Discounts for BritCham members may be available.
A joint initiative of WSG and SkillsFuture, search for skills training programmes to support your business transformation and download resources and toolkits.
WSG has worked with government agencies and industry to develop Jobs Transformation Maps (JTMs) to provide detailed insights on the impact of technology and automation on industry and the workforce.
A curated set of short industry-relevant training programmes, focusing on priority and emerging skills for the future.
Offers SMEs a step-by-step approach to identifying the business impact on skills. 
Grants & Funding for Skills Development
A $10,000 credit provided by the government to encourage enterprises to embark on business and workforce transformation. Eligible enterprises will benefit from an additional 90% funding support for their out-of-pocket expenses when they take up relevant initiatives for business and/or workforce transformation.
The Business Grants Portal brings government grants for businesses into one place, so it’s easier to find and apply for the grants you need.
Enquiry form hosted by WSG and SkillsFuture.
The PSG-JR grant encourages enterprises to work with pre-approved Job Redesign consultants to redesign work processes, tasks and responsibilities to attract and retain better workers.
Employee Engagement & Management
In an ever-changing world, getting your employee engagement right is more important than ever
Marketing & Communications Committee Chair, Suzy Goulding, outlines the importance of employee engagement communications.
Ignoring Employee Experience Could Jeopardise Your Digital Transformation 
Samir Bedi, Asean Workforce Advisory Leader at EY explains why organisations must adopt a human-centered approach by listening closely, personalising experiences and inspiring purposeful change.
What is the Future of Leadership?
Ellie Rich-Poole talks to Sophie Smith, HR Director Asia Pacific for Experian, in this BritCham Singapore podcast episode on leadership post-COVID-19. Covering the importance of maintaining collaboration and connection within teams, how leaders can recognise remote work efficiency and more. 
Find out about employment rights and conditions under Singapore's Employment Act, leave, public holidays, fair employment and schemes for employers and employees.
Receive funding support to implement and sustain flexible work arrangements (FWAs) to create work-life harmony at the workplace.
SWEAG provides funding support for employers to raise both their internal retirement and re-employment ages by 3 years above minimum statutory requirements, and support for employers that commit to a part-time re-employment policy for its eligible senior workers.
Click through to our Diversity & Inclusion Information Hub for employee engagement resources and case studies on various diversity pillars and mental health.
Workplaces of the Future
Shaping the Hybrid Work Future
Watch a webinar catch-up from May 2021 on hybrid workflows and how to view space in relation to building your company, driving employee engagement and team culture. Ft. GSK, Netflix, Amazon Web Services, Knight Frank Asia Pacific and IWG.
Hybrid work: What the office could look like now
As companies shift to hybrid, the purpose of the office has changed. Workers will start seeing different floorplans, functions and technologies. Read this article from the BBC first published in July 2021.
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